Going about your website the “write” way

If you own or run a business, or both, it’s probably because you’re really good at what your business offers. If writing website content is not the business you’re in, chances are you’re not going to be all that good at it – and that’s ok! Knowing your business is not the same as knowing how to market your business.

In 2000, Ozweb.biz said that around 50% of all Aussie adults use the internet, with approx 7mil Aussie users all up. Imagine what those figures would be now? And according to the ABS, in the last census 87% of internet use is for research, news and general browsing. So you could reasonably judge that in 2012 a massive chunk of Australian adults – your customers – spend most of their internet time looking for informative content. Would your website fit the bill?

If you asked someone who knew nothing of your business to check out your website – what sort of review do you think they would give you? Would they get a strong, impressive snapshot of what your business is about from the home page? If not – then there’s probably not much chance that they’re going to go any further.

Whether you are reviewing your current website, or looking to start one, keep in mind that content is key. No matter how flash it might be, or how much you spend on it, if you don’t have clear, informative, interesting text on each and every page – then your website will not be as potent as it could possibly be.

Making sure that you’re effectively using keywords to increase your search engine ranking is another important point to consider when writing website content. While it’s important to use keywords and lingo that is industry-specific, there is also a skill in ensuring it comes across in a readable manner that visitors to the site can understand. For example, if you want to attract customers who are Googling “fireworks”, then writing content like “Fireworks are important to how fireworks can make your fireworks the best” – is not going to cut it.

Take the time and effort to go through each page and really assess what message you are trying to get across and whether you are doing that effectively. Or just hire an awesome professional to write it for you and be done with it!