Marketing in Mackay – connecting with clients locally and globally

Mackay is a growing town with a prosperous future and, with much thanks to the mining industry, there is an increasing amount of national and international connections to be leveraged by many local businesses. People often talk about the “two-speed economy” of Mackay, the divide between those in the mines (well, the ones that are earning top dollar) and the “little people” (ie everyone else). But what is often overlooked is the opportunity that having a booming resources sector can bring to the “little people”.

Your goods or services might not be translatable to more than a local perspective (not much point ordering your latte long distance!) or you might not be interested in peddling your wares online – it’s not necessary. Creating online connections on more than a local level can be of benefit to your organisation.

Keeping with the café theme, say you use your online presence (including social media platforms) to market yourself as the best little hole-in-the-wall café in Mackay – the place the locals know and love. Connect and build relationships online with your customers, as well as face-to-face with your great service and heavenly coffees, and the news will travel. People you connect with locally will tell people they know, on purpose (conversation, share a link) or inadvertently (liking your Facebook page, and the activity showing up on their news feed).

Ok so now locals and people out-of-town might like your Facebook page, or follow your Twitter – where does that get you? It gets you top of mind, and this means the next time people are throwing around ideas of where to grab lunch or go for coffee after the movie – your name is already on their lips. This works for local and non-local, but can be especially persuasive word-of-mouth for out-of-towners. One person connects with you online, they come in and it’s great, they mention online how great you are, their business associate from Melbourne sees it, they come to town and think, “I must try that place that my business contact mentioned.”

This type of strategy might not work in other small or regional towns, but for Mackay – we have people travelling here all the time. And these people need the same services and goods that locals do – they just don’t know where to go yet. Tell them – let them know it’s you that they have to come to.

Looking outside of Mackay and creating connections on national and international levels can have a wide variety of benefits. Depending on your type of business, it can be the aforementioned activity of getting people through the front door, making better or stronger supplier contacts, keeping abreast with what other businesses in your industry are doing or even just giving you the opportunity to build your reputation locally by the associations you have outside of Mackay. Make connections broadly, and you will see the benefit locally.