Crew Review: Harley Breen, Kingswood & I

After his awesome performance recently as the emcee for the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the redhotblue crew were keen to see Harley Breen perform again – this time in a solo show dedicated to his first car.

Bonnie: The show was very funny – great comic relief after a stressful week! Would definitely see him again as he can even make cars funny!

Sascha: The fact that I couldn’t tell if he did his own introduction to get some more laughs from the audience, or whether an MC was out of his budget, tells me that he is great at his craft. Also, his jokes were funny and he was confident enough to get half naked on stage.

Jade: Laughed so hard, was an awesome set and the finale – completely unexpected but definitely topped the night off!

Maeve: This is the second time I have seen Harley in a short space of time and he definitely exceeded my expectations. Fair play to him for making a full show out of just one car. I am probably biased because I think he is just gorgeous as well, but his comedic talents would definitely have me travelling to Melbourne just to see another of his shows!

B2: A unique, fresh approach to your typical Aussie humour. Harley’s style is down to earth, raw and not to mention… relatable. Who else can end a performance with an interpretive dance, wearing an outfit that any male Olympian ice-skater would be proud of? Two thumbs up!

Ash: Marjorie sounds like one hell of a car and I like how he pretty much MC’s for himself. He oddly does a really great gay man impression :/ but the interpretive dance was so weird, did not need to see his fake package at all.