Filling in your LinkedIn profile – why is it so hard to write about yourself?

Writing a LinkedIn profile for a friend the other night, we were having a great time filling in her details and really examining her points of difference in a professional sense. We then turned to my profile and there it was – the big gaping holes that I still haven’t filled in. I love writing, and completing a professional LinkedIn profile for another person is something that I think I do fairly well – so why can’t I turn this around onto myself? Why does it have to be so hard to write about my own professional attributes and achievements?

LinkedIn’s latest stats put them at two new members per second, with over three million members in Australia alone. Having a profile that extends your credibility, provides significant professional information about yourself and increases your visibility in the business world is amazingly handy. Accessing a monumental wealth of networking opportunities, and a glut of other benefits for individuals and companies alike, has been made easy for us. Yet I still can’t seem to fill out my own summary.

It’s not that I’m not proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last 28 years, it’s just that I don’t know how to put it into words without feeling like I’m just a blowhard. But bring me someone else’s CV for business life and I can see the skills and experience they have gleaned over the years, even if they can’t.

Basically having a LinkedIn profile is a great tool, when used correctly, and the more people that get onto it – the more enhanced it will be for everyone. But having a fully completed and well written profile is a necessity. Be ready to step outside of yourself and look at yourself with an appraising eye – include where you want to go and make sure you get a personalised URL! Be honest about your capabilities and proud of how far you’ve already come – and maybe I’ll be able to do the same.