Killer combination – message and design

Planning out complex social media strategies, getting a top-rate TVC produced, having a website with all the latest add-ons and functionality – none of it will really succeed if you don’t have a good foundation. Message and design – one defined, clear message that you want to project about your organisation and the graphic design work to suit it – this killer combination is what you need first.

Also known as concept development, there is a lot of background work that goes into creating unique, inspired and relevant concepts that will provide results for your organisation. Getting your mate or your sister’s friend to knock up a logo and tagline in Word might suffice, if you’re not planning on actually doing anything substantial with it. Just as you wouldn’t go to a hairdresser to get your stitches out because they happen to have scissors, handing your company’s professional image over to a friend because they have a computer isn’t necessarily the best thing for your business.

Developing a strong, succinct message to be the driver behind all your communications – online and offline – is not as easy as it sounds. Rather than just picking from the well-worn phrases and buzzwords, an effective message is based on taking an in-depth look at the organisation and being able to correlate all the information and impressions into something you can stand behind proudly as your point of difference and the main focus for the company.

Just as a well crafted message can define a company’s quintessence, strategic graphic design will define the look and feel of it. Being a Mackay graphic design agency, we are often complimented on how our work stands out on both local and national levels. As the Marketing and Communications Officer at rhb, I find that my InDesign skill is on about a par with my MYOB skill level – I can do the basics but I don’t really understand how it all works behind the scenes, or what capabilities are on offer. The graphic design team however, are the real deal – and this doesn’t just come from being able to use a particular program. Good graphic design will look nice on your stationery and give your business a professional look. Great graphic design will get your business noticed and attract your target market to you.

Ok, that sort of sounded like a sales pitch – but it’s really just an example. Whether you go to professionals or you have the skill and talent to do it yourself, the important thing is that you DO have a strong, concise message about your organisation and a well-thought out, remarkable design to go with it.