Mackay small businesses are getting web savvy

Increasingly we are seeing local businesses in the Mackay region approach us to build them a website, plain and simple – which is great. As a regional town, we need to work a bit harder to compete with our big city counterparts in terms of business practices and strategies. The importance of having an online presence has now been recognised by the majority of small businesses here, except for most that still means just having a website, plain and simple. The next step that our web designers are taking business owners on is realising that an effective online presence doesn’t just include getting onto the web. After all, what’s the point of having a website if it gets no traffic?

Your website design and content could be schmicko – but without great online tools like SEO, Google AdWords and social media platforms, no one might ever know it is there. And as far as social media goes, setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account to sit there and collect cyber dust won’t cut it. You need to be active within the online community, and strategic. There’s not much point getting into Instagram, for example, if you can’t leverage it and bring the activity back to your website.

Now, as more and more businesses get savvy to the idea of establishing a complete online presence, there is increased potential for Mackay businesses to cross-promote and support each other’s marketing efforts. The more awareness for Mackay businesses that can be generated in the online world, the better for all businesses within the region.

Great website design has the same underlying principles, no matter where you are based – it’s about communicating your message to your audience, whatever that may be for your business. A great online presence takes that a step further, and makes sure that your message is not only communicated well but actually put in the path of your audience. If both of these elements are implemented correctly, then audience engagement should follow.