World of Mouth

I heard this phrase a little while ago, and every time I come across it again it strikes me anew how powerful and true it is. “Word of mouth, when taken online, can get your message amplified to world of mouth.”

As the Marketing and Communications Officer at redhotblue, my daily working life is about getting my clients’ messages heard. But it is not the concept of going online ‘amplifying’ a message that strikes me so much, it’s more the realisation that what we put out there – especially with digital media platforms like Facebook – is actually quite huge. While there is a massive amount of dross posted online that would just go by unnoticed, don’t make the mistake of becoming blasé about what content you are putting out there. You never know when something will be picked up, and the consequences of what could happen with it.

Putting up a Facebook offer that becomes so popular that you can’t fulfil the demand is an excellent way to turn your new and regular customers from interested to cranky very quickly. This actually happened to one company, overwhelmed by the response to their social media campaign they were unable to keep up with the interest and their audience got cranky, very cranky. Managing your content is important no matter what the medium, just as you wouldn’t advertise a bottomless offer to all of Australia across TV – don’t put an open offer onto Facebook, which is basically broadcasting across the world.

On the other side of the coin, are the positive ramifications of ‘world of mouth’ – such as in July this year when a missing 10 year old girl in Townsville was found. After a family member posted a missing persons message on Facebook, as well as receiving 200 to 300 comments, they also received assistance from a huge chunk of the community – out in their cars looking for this little girl. When she was found, much of the credit from the family went to the power of social media – putting one post out there and the overwhelming response that came back to them. Ok, so this isn’t a direct marketing/business example – but it shows that whatever message you put out there can reach unbelievable levels.