Crew Review: Last App I Downloaded

There pretty much has to be an app for just about everything, and how easy is it to get in the zone and download a whole bunch of apps in one go to try out? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next app-fest, check out redhotblue’s review for the latest app we’ve each downloaded.

Ash: T-Zero, free – iPhone. It’s just a countdown timer really, so it can tell me how many days, hours, minutes, seconds I have until AMERICA!! I don’t look at it too often though, because it will make the time go slower!

Jade: Astrid Task, free – Sony tablet.This app is an elaborate to-do list organiser, and I love it! Categories, colour-coding, reminders, accessible across all my devices and a whole bunch more features that no one would ever use, including someone who loves to be crazy organised (yes, I mean me). Highly recommend to those who are sick of perpetually writing out to-do lists but never actually getting the to-dos done.

Bon: IMDb, free – iPhone. This app is a great way to stay up to date on new movie trailers and info about your favourite TV shows and actors. If I’m watching a movie and think that an actor looks very familiar, IMDb is a great way to find out what other shows or movies they’ve been in. It also has the greatest selection of movie trailers!

B2: Action Movie FX, free – iPhone. This app instantly makes you a top notch Hollywood director or….simply blow up things you don’t like. It gives you the ability to film any scenario and blow it up, drop a boulder on it or shoot it with a torpedo! It’s quick, simple and easy to use. Downloaded straight to my iPhone means I can easily destroy something and share it on social media platforms. There are heaps of extra effects to download for hours of explosive fun!

Maeve: Vintique, $0.99 – iPhone. Similar to Instagram, it’s a photo editing app that you can apply to existing photos or take new ones with. Has got some really nice filters including faded, vintage, canvas and one that looks like an old map. There are tons of frames such as polaroid, pretty flowery ones, postage stamps, film, wood and different colourful ones. It has that bit more variety than Instagram but the two can be used in conjunction with each other. You can’t go wrong for 99 cents and it makes you look like the best photographer in the world!

Amy: Skype, free – Samsung Galaxy. Love, love, love this on my phone. Meaning I can talk to whoever I want, whenever I want – for free! Haven’t found anything yet that it doesn’t do the same as Skype on your computer. Thumbs up from me!

Sascha: Viber, free – HTC Sensation. This app lets you make phone calls and send text messages using your wireless internet bandwidth, so you can make international and domestic calls for free. I’d recommend it to anyone, for me I like using it because it allows me to contact friends and family in Europe for free and from any location.

Adam: Shazam Encore, $7.49 (ad-less) – iPhone. I’m constantly on the lookout for new music, and the top 40 no longer appeals to me. So when I’m out, I’ll always hear a song in Sanity, or during a movie/TV show there’ll be a sample that appeals to me, so Shazam is the easy way to find out what the song is and pick it up from iTunes!