Marketing in the spirit of Christmas

Our world is slowly becoming a wash of red and green as Christmas advertising starts to rear its head across the various media channels. I think the festive season brings out the best and worst in people, and this goes for marketing activities also. Innovative, feel-good promotions and advertising abound, as well as tacky, clip-art covered fliers and emails. Fit into the first group by jumping on the Christmas-inspired marketing bandwagon, in a clever and creative way.

Christmas is the perfect time to show off your fun side, it is the silly season after all! And, as it’s just for one month, it creates a great opportunity to change up your regular stuff with something that is a little more out there and eye catching. Connect with your customers and suppliers in a more personal way by changing up your current branding with a festive tweak:

  • Company email signatures; not to toot our own horn, but redhotblue is a great example of this – send an email on through and see what’s on our reply…
  • Client and staff newsletter/eNewsletter; go beyond just popping a wreath on the front page, add in a holiday cocktail recipe page or advertise a local Christmas charity drive. Show your clients and/or staff that you’re in the spirit of the season, and not for commercial purposes.
  • Website; no need to do an overhaul, but take a look at your site and see if there are any little tweaks you can add for December to update your web presence and show off your up-to-the-minuteness. Eg have a slider going across the top? Swap out a couple of your regular ads for Christmas-inspired images instead. Or add Santa hats and reindeer noses to the photos on your staff page for the month.
  • Social media platforms; dump the regular Facebook timeline cover and LinkedIn profile shot, and do something a little different – crazy staff Christmas photo, you dressed up as Santa or jump onto Google Images and borrow a Christmas cartoon for a month. And include some festive cheer in your content, post links to funny Christmas videos or upload photos from your staff Christmas party (the clean ones!).

One other important thing, always remember to include your holiday closing times and “in case of emergency” contact information. While a lot of businesses do close during the Christmas period, it can still be a frustrating and unwelcome surprise for customers who weren’t aware that you’d be shut. Lots of repeat notice about your shutdown times, whether it’s just the public holidays or longer, is the best communication practice when it comes to Christmas.