Crew Review: redhotblue Christmas Party

The redhotblue crew were treated to a surprise Christmas party this year from our Managing Director, Jody Euler. We were given e-postcards leading up to the day that included snippets of info and left us all wondering what exactly would be happening at 2pm on Friday 30th November. Here’s what the crew thought:

Bonnie: My only costume piece was a festive Christmas tree hat, complete with ornaments. Best part of the party was seeing the crew let their hair down and have some much needed, stress-free fun! Also getting to spend time catching up with the crew’s partners, who really are an important part of the redhotblue family.

Maeve: Highlight was definitely the Hummer, it took up nearly the whole of Macalister Street 🙂 Ok maybe not quite but the champagne was the icing on the cake for that too. Pool at Dolphin Heads was just gorgeous and having time to chill in that was awesome. All around, top notch party!!

Trina: My costume was a Hawaiian skirt with matching bra [which I must say, the bra was a little toooooo small]. My highlight was… THE HUMMER! OF COURSE….. Sipping on chilled champagne [those on board can verify I was a little excited about that].

Jody: My costume was 80’s inspired – very fitting the suitcase I chose : ) It included; red long sleeve lace gloves, fluoro orange plastic sun visor, 2 colourful headbands and a silver tie with the words “Dr Love” printed on it. My favourite part was surprising my wonderful team with the suitcase reveal [and the crazy costumes inside] and of course the Hummer!! Not to mention hanging out the window and entertaining those we cruised by – in cars, on the sidewalk and riding pushbikes…. loved it – let’s do it again next month : )

Jade: I was all Aussie, complete with cape, flag and weird umbrella hat thing. Highlights were the Hummer ride [including filming the crew singing and dancing along to ‘Dancing Queen’] and my secret Santa present from Brent – love my owl!

B2: My costume items were a hot pink wig, sparkly beads and a diamond encrusted tiara (plastic of course). Highlight of the night was drinks and laughs around the pool. How often do you get to pretend you are on holidays during a workday?!

Grace: My costume was a large, brightly coloured floral tie and a feathered mask – the mask was good to hide behind after a few champers in the Hummer. I have two highlights from our Christmas party. Of course the Hummer is one of them, I could sit in one of them for hours, especially with Jody and her antics. The other GREAT highlight, which couldn’t be beaten, was the recognition of my time at RHB. It was a real buzz to receive the certificate of recognition and a very generous gift. I must say, after 7 years I still enjoy working for Jody at RHB.

Ash: My costumes were Gaga sunnies and a Christmas wig and my highlights were the Hummer and secret Santa present.

Adam: The party was incredible! I seemed to be dressed as a leftover participant of the most recent Mardi Gras, but hey, I dare anyone else to pull off that red hat like I did! Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time, and was certainly a great way to finish off the year with a bang!

Sascha: The Christmas party was a straight up 10/10 bundle of fun. Dolphin Heads was the perfect place to have some late afternoon drinks by the pool and the night was a pretty good laugh overall.

Brent: I had a ball at the 2012 RHB Christmas party! I donned the annoyingly obtrusive fake eyebrows, moustache and goatee as well as leg stockings with pretty red bows. One of the highlights for the event was the bruschetta around the pool… interesting conversations had all round!!

Amy: My costume included a big sparkly bowtie and pink hair curlers! Was a great arvo/night and was so nice to have a boss who went out of her way to make it a memorable one! My highlights of the night would definitely be B2 and her Jamaican accent, watching Jody wave and hang out the window of the Hummer and seeing Adam in his pimping get up!