13 Social Media Moves to Make in 2013 – Part 1

Everyone loves a countdown! Try your hand at these social media tricks, tips and strategies in 2013 to bring your brand top-of-mind.

13. Make your content shareable – get into the world of visual content to get your audience sharing what you have to say, and bringing you to more audiences. Think making your own picture slideshows to change up what you are putting out there. Or trying your hand at infographics – which is information displayed in a graphical way with images. Consider engaging a graphic designer to create this shareable content to ensure a professional end product.

12. Crack a funny – nothing spreads faster than disaster or hilarity, and it’s really better to associate your brand with the latter. Memes (essentially pictures with block white letters laid over them) are easy to make and, when used in the right manner, are extremely potent. Create something clever and watch it move like wildfire through your audience and their connections!

11. Be a social media snob – there’s no need to share yourself around and jump onto every new bandwagon that comes across. New platforms are always cropping up, but spreading yourself across a whole range of social media channels vs picking a few and investing time into each will give you a much better return.

10. Don’t bring a personal bias – you may not personally like a certain social media channel, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful for your business. Hate the chit chat on Facebook? If a large percentage of your target market is on there, and your competitors, then too bad – get yourself set up and have a go.

9. Ditch the corporate – working it on social media means being social, so when you are around colleagues or business clients – how do you talk to them? Even though you are speaking as your brand on social media, you are speaking to people – not other brands. Just relax and be yourself, your audience will appreciate it!

8. Consider Facebook advertising – if you have a specific campaign coming up [eg product launch, an event, new service etc] or are just starting up and looking to get noticed, then advertising on Facebook can be really beneficial. Facebook allows you to be very strategic in the placement of ads, and as long as your advertising is eye-catching and relevant, you should get good traction from this channel.

7. Build a community – engaging your audience leads to stronger brand loyalty, but it can be difficult when you’re starting from scratch online. So name your community – create a name for the users that follow you online and create special offers or exclusive news items that they have first access to. Treat your online community like they are a part of your brand, and they’ll bring you more followers.

Part 2 coming first week of February…