Crew Review: Social media platforms

So many social media platforms, so little time! Check out which channels the redhotblue crew are rating at the moment:

Bonnie: My favourite social media platform is Facebook. It has made keeping in touch with my Canadian friends and family easy, being able to see photos, send quick messages and watch videos is great! Plus, keeping up to date on news and events as they happen – it seems things get uploaded to Facebook faster than news sites.

Ashlee: Tumblr, if you’re not familiar with it, is a NYC-based mini blogging service that is described as a cross between Twitter and a more traditional blog such as WordPress. It makes it easy to publish quick content and share that content with other users. The same way Twitter is your thoughts in bite-sized form, Tumblr is almost the same concept but with images. It’s fun if you like discovering new picture and gifs. I didn’t only just fall in love with Tumblr because of all the Ryan Gosling images, no, it’s easy to use and some things you find on there are hilarious. It can become a fun extension of the kind of things you like in your personal life.

Jade: Love Pinterest – has so many applications for private and commercial purposes, it’s amazing what you can find on there! Plus I’m a sucker for anything that offers a smart and practical way to be organised.

Amy: Who doesn’t love YouTube? I will often find myself spending hours upon hours on it. I love that YouTube can be used both privately and commercially. I also love the diversity of it – from being able to search your favourite video clip or song to watching “fainting goats” (yes it exists) or watching a movie trailer. Everyone remembers the beached whale YouTube sensation right? It’s not the only YouTube sensation out there of course, there is an array to choose from. YouTube has the power to make a virtual nobody into a virtual somebody overnight. Love, love, love.

Maeve: As much as I love YouTube and Facebook for their entertainment value and viral capacities, my recent favourite has got to be Pinterest. I love the way it’s easy to integrate by the ‘Pin It’ button that you download to your toolbar and it also has an iPhone app. It has some beautiful photography and ideas and it’s easy to pop in and out of whenever you find some Pinspiration . Perfect for both the super organised and also the airy fairies among us (I tend to cruise between the two)!

Sascha: Facebook is pretty much the only social media platform I regularly use now. I don’t even really look at Facebook as a social media website anymore. I mean it is one of course, but Facebook has just become another form of communication with people I know – just like a phone call or SMS. It’s very easy to share all kinds of information with people, and that’s just personal use. Facebook has the capability to create much more exposure for businesses and can be used for many things; from increasing brand awareness to selling products to text-based customer support.

B2: Twitter has to be my favourite social media platform, where else can you follow conversations instantly and in real time? Within each tweet you can link to videos, pictures and conversations, so you get a quick snapshot of a story without reading a novel. You can follow networks that interest you and be a part of activities and events when they happen.

Brent: SlideShare is a social sharing platform on which presenters can upload their presentations for users to download after a presentation or after a webinar for recalling the points later on. If a presenter tells their audience that the presentation will be available after the presentation, more attention can be given instead of frantically taking down notes etc. The site can also be used purely for information sharing – and doesn’t need to be from a presentation – as long as the PowerPoint is useful and not just dot points that make no sense.

Trudy: LinkedIn – I have just signed up this week and I have found it to be very resourceful to connect with business people from past connections and new meetings. It is a great business tool and I feel this is something every business should look at.