Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean it is mobile-friendly

Potential customers no longer just come in the front door of your shop, or pick up a phone. Researching a business online before contact has quickly become the norm. But how people access the internet is also changing, with 28% of internet usage in 2012 in Australia coming from mobile phones alone.

A standard website is made for viewing on a desktop computer – such as a Mac or PC. Access that same website from a mobile phone, and you will quickly see why a mobile internet user could be turned off researching your business because of a difficult to view website.

At redhotblue, we strongly advise all business owners to ensure that their website is optimised for mobile viewing. Consumers are being marketed to from multiple advertising mediums at the same time, such as when watching TV, the viewer may also be on their iPhone. Then when a TV ad sparks their interest, they look up the site on the handiest internet-ready device– their phone. Obviously this can then prove frustrating if the website they find is hard to use from their smartphone.

We are definitely avid supporters of integrated marketing at redhotblue, combining online and offline marketing activities for a better result. And if you’re delving into the world of QR codes, then a mobile website is essential. There is so much you can do with a QR code, there’s a huge amount of customization options available now – but they’re useless if you don’t have a mobile website. A potential customer sees your ad, scans the code and gets taken to your website – if it isn’t optimised for mobile viewing, not only are you wasting your money advertising the code – you’re also potentially losing the interested of that customer.

Mobile websites can take many formats, depending on your audience and your needs. The following sites show a few variations, just remember to check them on your smartphone to access the mobile-friendly version!