Crew Review: Memorable TV ads

Being a part of the marketing industry, selecting your favourite ad on TV at the moment seemed like a simple concept. This review proved a lot more difficult than anticipated – maybe our standards are just too high?

Trudy: the Fourex ad. I like it as it is a typical Aussie bloke ad and always give me a laugh.

Maeve: Nando’s – I love the comic timing of the old guys, there is a really natural flow of conversation to the script, they are like a group of old friends not actors. It’s not too often that you will see a group of old guys in an ad, so it’s refreshing.

Bonnie: Unfortunately I have to admit I fast forward through the ads on my T-Box, but I do like the station previews of the new shows when they give you a sneak peek. The music tracks are always awesome and stick in your ad so when you hear the song, you think of the show.

Jade: The latest from Perfect Italiano is great, taking a spin on the usual celebrity endorsement – not over the top but funny enough to be memorable:

B2: A great TV ad I noticed the other night was the Carlton Mid Coincidence ad. As most iconic Australian beer ads go, this one successfully encapsulated our brothers, boyfriends and husbands behaviours perfectly. As the title goes, the several blokes in the ad seem to be on a romantic getaway with the other half when “what a coincidence” their mates happen to be there also. Although this concept has been done many times before, I like how it captures the male demographic’s behaviour and culture down perfectly. Also you love to hate these guys, they are super obnoxious but their cheekiness makes them appealing.

Trina: I do find the RACQ ads funny! Bit sad really – do not have the time to sit and watch much TV with the exception of hearing ABC For Kids…