Cutting through the noise with a concept development

The term “concept development” is such a regular part of our office talk at redhotblue, that it is easy to forget that it’s not a common phrase for everyone. So we thought we’d explain a little about this integral, pivotal part of successfully marketing a business.

In any marketing plan, whether for the business overall or a specific campaign, a concept development is basically our first port of call. Here are the steps that we take:

1. Our creative team will review what your goals are and the key messages that you want to get across to your target audience.

2. Brainstorming time! We’ll put together a few different ideas for how to effectively communicate your key messages – noting what appeals to your target audience, what are the strongest or most important points to highlight and working to complement your existing branding.

3. These ideas then get translated into a few contrasting designs by one of our talented graphic design team, with images, text and an overall look and feel taking shape.

4. After reviewing the different types of design, the strongest/most appropriate concept is selected and further refined.

5. Once the designer is happy with the concept created, it is then passed by a few other staff to ensure that the key messages are clear and that the overall design suits the marketing and business objectives of the company.

6. The concept is passed onto you for reviewing and feedback.

A strong and engaging concept development creates a foundation to tie together all of your marketing material so that your brand is clear, consistent and appeals to your target audience. It’s not just about placing together some pretty pictures with a slogan, it’s about creating a unique concept for your business that is a mix of creative and strategic design.

Take a look at some previous concept developments that redhotblue have created and see what you think!