Crew Review: rhb charity days

In the name of a good cause, and because working with creative people means being involved in creative pursuits, redhotblue has regular “fun days” in support of a range of charities. Our main aims are normally to raise awareness for the cause, earn a bit of dough for the charity and to have a regular opportunity to do what we do best – get creative and have some fun with it. Some staff have opted in their favourite charity day below, and you can click on the link in their review to check out pics from that day!

Trudy: As I am a new kid on the block I would have to say my fun charity day would have to be the RHB branding afternoon for the World’s Greatest Shave!

Maeve: I think my favourite dress up day was Australia Day as everyone made such an effort and we got some great photos.

Bonnie: My favourite charity day has to be Cupcake Day in August. Not only was it for a great charity – RSPCA – but we got to indulge in the delicious entries!

Ash: My favourite charity day for RHB was one of the most recent ones for the Leukaemia Foundation supporting the Warey Warriors in fundraising money. Instead of dressing up as usual, we dived into some hair spraying that incorporated the RHB logo design. Something fun and different that supports a cause close to me.

B2: My favourite redhotblue charity day was the 2012 Loud Shirt Day! Who doesn’t love a day that you can dress in your tackiest attire while supporting a good cause? And by purchasing a loud shirt from the local Lifeline we were also supporting two charities at once!

Jade: Red Nose Day last year – it was my first “rhb fun day” and gave me an inkling of what I was in for now that I’d joined this quirky, creative team.

Jody: Yesterday’s Going Blue for Autism. It’s a cause very close to my heart, and it was great to see how many people we were able to reach. Plus I got to wear a tutu to work!