Harnessing Google Analytics for a better website

Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor your website’s performance and give in-depth information on what is and isn’t working for you online. Evaluated in conjunction with your marketing activities, it will provide you with a valuable insight as to what online and offline mediums are making a different to your website traffic and user engagement.

Google Analytics can show you:

  • How many unique visitors are coming to your website, and what they are doing when they get there
  • What pages are popular and generate a lot of interest, and which ones need an update
  • Where your visitors are coming from; such as through Google, from your Facebook page etc
  • What search terms visitors have used to find your site and click through to it
  • How the site is performing compared to other periods since being live (eg comparing April 2013 to April 2012)
  • What device visitors are accessing your website from (eg a PC, Mac, iPhone, Samsung tablet etc) and what those specific visitors did once they found your site
  • A whole bunch more!

Google Analytics offers a very comprehensive training course that is essential when learning how to “decode” the raw analytics data and unlock the wealth of information available from correlating a vast array of facts and figures. We’ve passed the test and are Google Analytics certified, so if you don’t have time to learn it yourself – we’ve got you covered.

Knowing how your website is doing, and different ways of optimising your site, is incredibly important in this digital age. If you want to check on the health of your website, redhotblue offer a web analytics service that can be done monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Instead of working it out yourself, we will supply you with a regular report where the important information is decoded and highlighted, with appropriate recommendations for a better website.