Pros + Cons: Setting up a company page on Facebook

In April 2013, 11.5 million Australians were active on Facebook, and they spent an average time of 27min per visit. That’s nearly half an hour of just liking photos, catching up with friends, following pages and sharing video clips – so where’s the relevance for your company? Should you get involved?



  • It makes you more accessible; Facebook gives you the chance to showcase the people and the ethos behind the brand. And, once you grow your follower base, it can be a massively effective and economical method for distributing information and reinforcing your key messages in a variety of ways.
  • It drives traffic to your website; you might not pick up new leads or customers directly from your Facebook page, but you have access to so many people – and if you’re engaging enough, they should be interested to click through to your website. If your website is set up well, then this can definitely lead to new opportunities for your business.
  • It gets your name out there; you don’t need to wait for people to come to you on Facebook, you can actively be out there in front of your direct target audience – intriguing them with your sparkling personality and insightful comments! By following other, relevant company pages and then commenting, liking and sharing their posts, you are gaining access to their followers – which could then become yours too. It’s all about being social!



  • It takes time; setting up a page and forgetting about it is worse than not being on there at all. Not only will you need to dedicate time to growing and maintaining your company Facebook page, it will also take time to see the benefits.
  • It might not suit; just like every other marketing channel, not every medium suits every business. Facebook is the same, give careful consideration about your target audience and whether you will be reaching them effectively through this method to warrant the time you will need to put into it.
  • It can backfire; not having a social media policy and strategy to guide you leaves your business open to the possibility of negative attention. For example, if someone posts something nasty, you just delete the comment – right? Tread carefully – that can leave you open to much nastier comments from an entire audience. Also, that negative comment could be used instead as an opportunity to address what might be a common customer issue – something that you can deal with easily and publicly.


If you’ve been considering having a turn at Facebook, call redhotblue for a chat and we can talk about how to overcome those cons. Looking for an example of a great Facebook company page? Look no further!