Crew Review: Melbourne Comedy Festival

The annual Melbourne Comedy Festival travels around Australia and is always well attended at the Mackay showing. This year, the rowdiest table at the show was the redhotblue crew, and here’s what the crew had to say.
Scott: Having only been in Mackay for two days, the Comedy event was the perfect way to be introduced to the area and the RHB team. It was a fantastic night with four very different comedians (plus an MC) with very different styles, but all seriously funny. The Entertainment Centre has a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening, myself included! Great start to a new life.

Bon: Another fantastic show – had a great night. All the comedians were good, but the puppet Randy was by far the most entertaining and we were still chuckling the next day! Can’t wait to get tickets for next year’s show.

Jody: I had not been to the Comedy Festival for many years, so was looking forward to a night out with the crew. Little did I know I would spend two hours holding my stomach and wiping tears from my eyes from the fits of laughter that never seemed to end. From the moment the MC, Joel Creasey, walked onto the stage, I knew we were in for a treat. The four comedians were all so different, but equally funny in their own right. If we could bottle the feel-good endorphins that you get from a session like this, the world would be cured from stress. I think we need to get a copy of the show on DVD and have this running in our lunchroom daily. Not sure how much work would get done, but we’d all be super happy campers, that’s for sure.

Maeve: Really funny again this year, I loved Joel Creasey the MC and hope he comes back to do his own show, great talent for a young guy. I really liked the UK dude and the puppet was fantastic, great end to the evening.

Angie: There was a good mixture of comedians, something for everyone. I loved the MC, god damn his jeans were tight – he thinks his voice went higher when he came out of the closet though I think his jeans may have had something to do with it. All up it was a great night with non-stop laughs until your red in the face… and a few glasses of wine. I’ll definitely go again next year!

B2: The Melbourne Comedy Festival was a fun mix of belly laughs, puppets, Celine Dion and of course inappropriate connotations. With a great mix of seasoned pros, international and up and coming comedians, there was something for everyone. All comedians made their performances relatable, taking time to research the Mackay culture, behaviour and prominent landmarks (like the butch Bruce Highway and the popular Mackay Furniture Circus). It was a great all-round show that sometimes included more physical comedy than the traditional.