Pimp your photo shoot – the benefits of theming your photo shoot

When first impressions count, a corporate photo shoot can turn heads or look like just another set of stock images. Giving your photo shoot a unique theme can sometime feel overwhelming but with a few basic considerations, it can be much more visually impactful and memorable.

Subtle touches can make all of the difference. When theming a photo shoot, sometimes the more subtle props can make a bigger impact. Another secret is to style your shoot from top to bottom. Stick with that theme and try not to deviate – consistency is key.

Colours can be another effective and sometimes cheaper way to theme a shoot. Try navy, white and yellow for a vintage nautical theme or burnt orange, charcoal and tangerine for an autumn theme.

Sometimes a few extras can help create a bold contrast. Instead of theming your costumes, try incorporating people as props. Sometimes it’s about making a big statement, wearing a full suit in a swimming pool or elegant evening gown in a rustic warehouse.

Another option to try is recreating a famous movie scene into your photo shoot. You can give it your own unique twist while also using it to promote a clever message.

The other secret is to give each person a unique character, thinking about how the individual personality can shine out of each person. For example, our carnival inspired photo shoot included Jade the fortune teller, predicting our client’s marketing futures.

Having a professional suite of photos can be incorporated into many marketing activities, so if you are going to do it – being a bit creative and taking that extra effort will certainly pay off.