Crew Review: Holiday hotspots

This month the crew were asked what their holiday hotspots are – either places they’ve been or where they want to go.

Bonnie: I’m very much looking forward to exploring the small towns in Provence in a couple months. I have to admit, it wasn’t the top choice on my travel bucket list, but after lots of research I’ve found the area has a lot to offer. We’re especially looking forward to our apartment in Nice where we can live like locals for a week!

Trudy: My favourite holiday was last year to New Zealand. It was breathtaking as it was the first time I had seen snow, it was a magical wonderland. Most favourite town in NZ was Arrow town, it was like stepping back in time to the gold rush days!

Angie: Although I have had amazing and very unique experiences in all the countries I’ve been to, the most memorable and totally off the rails experience I have had overseas was in Thailand. Thailand was my first trip overseas and produced by far the most stories overall. Not only is it cheap and very beautiful, it is also the most adventurous country I’ve been to. There are so many things to do and hardly any rules to tell you how to do them, it definitely leaves things open to the imagination. If you aren’t afraid to experience something totally out of your comfort zone go there for sure! I recommend it 🙂

Ashlee: I travelled overseas in 2011 to London and visited a lot of different places, one that has stuck in my mind is Brighton. You can jump on the London Tube for about an hour’s ride and end up in the centre of Brighton – a vibrant, colourful and very unique place.

It has to be one of the must cultural cities in Europe, oozing with creativity and is very compact so everything is walkable. With lanes upon lanes leading you through millions of creative shops, it’s a retailer’s paradise. Then there’s the pier along the ‘seaside’ that you can’t go past. Along with all the attractions, it was just a great place to see and it’s so diverse – and it’s even better when you have cousins that live there to show you the ropes!

Jade: Sooo many places left to visit in the world, but top of the list would have to be a volunteering holiday – like caring for lions and elephants in Africa or going to China to help with Giant Panda conservation!!

Maeve: My favourite holiday destination has got to be skiing in Austria. Have only been twice so far but definitely on the list to go back again. The cold can be difficult to handle at times but nothing better than coffee or mulled wine [or both] to warm you up. The snow is a beautiful backdrop to a fun, active holiday and Austria has got some of the best slopes in Europe. Next ambition – try snowboarding with a GoPro!

Scott: I’ve always wanted to go to South America – it looks like the most amazing landscape and people, and there’s a lot of mystery surrounding old civilisations and temples. But first I want to spend a bit of time exploring what Australia has to offer, being fairly new to the country!. I want to get over to WA and see a great white shark, Alice Springs and get a chance to travel through the outback and see Australia in its rawest form. I think standing in a landscape with nothing on the horizon as far as one could see would be an extremely humbling experience.