Angie’s Splendour in the Grass weekend

Splendour in the Grass, it’s never a disappointment! It’s easy to overlook the mud halfway up your calves and splattered all over your back when you’ve had such an amazing day and met so many awesome people (who are also covered in mud). As soon as we arrived at our campsite, we had a community of friends that we’d never met before and then ended up spending the whole weekend with. It’s not all about the music, it’s about getting away from your everyday life and just having the time of your life!

The delicious array of food was hard to resist at least a few times, and the wine tent added a touch of class to the event. It is a strange feeling being covered in mud whilst sipping on champagne.

The tent of miracles is always strange, this year the theme was a courthouse in which a volunteer gets electrocuted for selling organs of the black market… very strange and a bit heavy but in true Splendour style – highly entertaining. It’s always best not to stay too long in there in case they drag you up onto the stage, best to watch from the back and don’t make eye contact!

The line-up was amazing as always! Though they always intentionally overlap the best bands, in this case you have to try run through the masses to get to the other side of the festival so you don’t miss too much. The highlight band for me was The Polyphonic Spree who went totally off the grid and, instead of doing their own songs, they did a cover of Rocky Horror Picture Show from start to finish. AMAZING! They definitely did it justice. Flume and Robert Delong were crazy and strange as always… I loved it! The worst performance but by far the funniest was Babyshambles, Pete Doherty was his usual self!!

Overall it was an amazing weekend I’ll never forget, and hopefully I’ll be going again next year.