Staying ahead of the digital revolution

It is always an amazing opportunity to be able to travel to workshops that further enhance your skill set and allow us to stay ahead of the game. The added bonus of course is meeting interesting people and a change of scene from redhotblue headquarters! Myself (Maeve) and Jody travelled to Brisbane recently to take part in a Digital Marketing workshop run by the Australian Marketing Institute. There was a small group of people who attended, from a wide variety of backgrounds so we had the chance to share our different stories and engage with the speaker. The course covered a variety of topics including mobile marketing, e-newsletters, blogging, SEO and Google AdWords as well as touching on social media. It was interesting to cover so many aspects because often when people think of Digital Marketing, their first association is often social media. However there is so much more to it than that. Engaging with your customers online through a number of mediums, depending on what suits your business and your customers, can give you the edge to your competition. Social media is a very important component and it does need to be done well, but it works better when complemented by other platforms.

It was a full day intensive course and by the end of the session we felt completely up to speed with the latest tools and statistics. Interesting case studies were viewed,  including UK Supermarket chain Tesco, who created a virtual store in a Korean subway station []. I came across this a couple of years ago but it still makes me smile to look at how they used a very innovative method to increase their sales and accessibility. Another fun one was a campaign run by Diesel Clothing. Customers were invited to ‘Like’ their products by scanning QR codes in-store for their chosen product, which then posted to their own Facebook wall [], We had a lot of fun, learnt loads and returned enthusiastic to share the knowledge with the rest of the team and our clients.

Oh and the next time you are in Brisbane, head to Monty’s Chocolates [], they have amazing staff, great atmosphere, a quirky shop and the most delicious mouth-watering chocolates!