How to write regular blog posts for your website

Having a blog or news section on your website is great for helping to enhance your Google rating and giving visitors a reason to return – but that’s only if you upload new content regularly. Writing can be a daunting task and making the time to write regularly sometimes seems impossible when you’re always on the go.

Below are a few tips to help you generate topic ideas and keep on track with blog writing:

  • Set a realistic timeframe

Keeping in mind that a post or news item can just be a few sentences long when you’re short on time, think about how often you would like to put new content on your blog. Fortnightly is good, weekly is better, every few days would be amazing – but decide on what is achievable for you. Also consider whether you can share the load, different points of view and ideas on a blog can make for excellent reading.

  • Schedule reminders

Log it into Outlook, tap it into your phone calendar or write it down in your diary! Give yourself at least a day’s notice for when a blog post is due, and make your best effort to stick to your decision to post regularly.

  • Use downtime to generate an ideas list

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, finishing a task with just 10min to the end of the working day or having a quick break for your lunch – these are the moments when your mind can wander. Pick up a pen and start writing topic ideas – don’t worry about whether they are any good, just write down whatever comes to mind. Then, when it comes time for your next post, you have a list of topics to get you started!

  • Keep a notebook handy

It may seem a little old-fashioned to some, but you never know when you will hear something interesting or have a moment of inspiration. Keeping a notebook close by at all times ensures that those ideas aren’t lost, and can be added to your main list for next time you need to write a post.

  • Scour the news

Check out the newspaper or an online news site to see what is happening in your local area and the world. Topics that relate to something happening at the moment show that you are on the ball with what’s happening outside of your business as well.