Crew review: Appsolutely nonsense!

There are so many great apps out there that are hugely useful – but there’s probably even more that are just randomly nonsense. For this month’s crew review, redhotblue share the silliest app they’ve seen.

Bonnie: Action Movie; the app lets you take a picture of something and then select a scene to add special effects to the photo. Nothing better than virtually blowing up something or someone with a rocket! It’s completely useless, but fun!

Jade: Pocket Whip; literally just makes a whip noise when you flick your phone. Completely useless, yes – but when used appropriately, hilariously funny.

Trudy: I am Rich; it cost $999 for a red jewel image and “secret mantra”. Why would you pay $999 for something that did nothing?? I could think of better things to spend $999 on that is for sure, no wonder it did not take off.

Maeve: I came across one called Car Parking Simulator where apparently you can test your driving and parking skills… there are a whole 45 levels but why anyone would spend that much time trying is beyond me. You can try out 3 different types of cars – sports hatch, 4×4 off-roader and a 4×4 while towing a caravan. Sounds just like a really, really bad Grand Theft Auto!

Angie: Kaleidomatic; a mesmerising app where you can turn any image into a mirrored kaleidoscope pattern, simple as that. Totally useless but it makes pretty pictures oooh aaah.

Ashlee: SimStapler; this is the first true office equipment simulator!! All you do is tap a fake stapler. You get points for how many staples you use. Enough said.

Scott: Some random Garbage Truck game. My little nephew is obsessed with garbage trucks so I downloaded a game for him on my iPad. All you do is stop the truck, collect rubbish, and drive off. Who would make that??..but he loves it!

Taryn: Taxi Hold’em; the purpose of this app is to help you get a taxi. So instead of waving to a taxi, the app displays a black screen on your phone with the word “Taxi” written in yellow on it. I think I might stick to waving to a taxi to get his attention…