Strategic Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the way to engage with your audience

If you already run marketing and branding across any of these mediums: billboards, television, social media, email or the internet then chances are your customers are or soon will be, finding you more and more often via their mobile phone. The old mobile phone has become so useful; many are now termed “smartphones” simply because they are capable of so much more than phone calls.

Smartphones are integrating their way into every facet of our daily life. They can make the everyday task easier, provide entertainment and enhance your marketing strategy. Redhotblue investigates how mobile marketing can impact your overall marketing strategy.

The key criteria to a successful mobile marketing strategy include:

 Mobile specific keyword advertising, optimisation and analytics

Your customers use your website differently from different devices. Most often, on a desktop computer a user searches broad terms, however they are far more likely to search for local data on their mobile phone. As an example, a desktop user might enter the search terms “jewellery shops Australia” in order to compare prices on a particular item. However when the same user goes shopping, they may search on their phone for the location of a specific shop or a phone number.

This process tells us that your mobile search optimisation strategies should focus on the locality of your user. You can also use your analytics programs to track these mobile specific keywords for an enhanced mobile marketing strategy.

Link with social media

Social media is accessible by smartphones. Linking your mobile strategy with your social media strategy lets your brand extend its reach. Social media can also assist your optimisation strategy and that means your customers can find and share your brand faster.

Use a strong call to action that delivers on its promise

Your call to action or offer must be achievable and delivered. Making your call to action short, engaging and a link through to related content (e.g. blog, website, social media, etc) will ensure your audience will interpret your message and increase the likelihood of sharing the content with others.

Redhotblue integrates all facets of advertising, web development, marketing, graphic design, social media and more to execute quality results for our clients. If you require assistance with your mobile marketing strategy, please call us now.