CREW REVIEW – Special Christmas Memory or Tradition

Christmas is just around the corner. Here at Redhotblue, the crew is in the Christmas spirit. This week we decorated the Christmas tree and there are already a large amount of presents under there for our donation run to the Mackay Women’s Centre.

Christmas is a time to give, prepare special meals and decorate homes. Many of us have a lot of memories and traditions around the holiday, which can give us comfort, direction, inspiration, and hope. This week we all went back in time and shared our favourite Christmas memory or tradition.


Trudy: My favourite Christmas memory was as a child when we would have the hot Xmas dinner and us kids would have our own little table and chairs set up like the adults and we would also have the good cutlery. This was a family gathering and was so special to spend time with all our loved ones. This year I am looking forward to it as we will have a new addition to our family, a little grandson which will be wonderful as I get to spoil the next generation of our family.

Scott: My dad winding me up one year by getting a fake bar code tattoo on his belly and pretending he’d got it done a few weeks before. He totally had me going until we opened our crackers at lunch and some fake tattoo’s fell out. I still haven’t been allowed to forget that one. Cheers pops.

Ellie: Our family still puts out a stocking on Christmas Eve and gets presents from Santa even though the youngest kid is 19 and the oldest is 34.

Bonnie: My special Christmas memory was my first Christmas back home in Canada after being in Australia for a year. It was so nice to be home for a white Christmas and it was even more special as we spent time over the holiday season with my entire family in a cabin in Algonquin Park. I got to meet my sister-in-law for the first time over board games, chilli and snow shoeing in the forest. We shared so many laughs, it was by far one of my most memorable Christmas’.

Jody: Christmas was always such a special time for us as kids, as our grandparents and Aunty would travel to Mackay to spend the Festive Season with us. As my sister and I were Nana and Pop’s only grand children and our Aunt’s only nieces we were spoilt rotten. Mum would always cook a smorgasbord of food, our Aunty would make and decorate her best ever recipe, Christmas cake and food would start rolling out from breakfast through until the afternoon when we could eat no more. I still remember the joy of always creeping out to the lounge room to find what Santa had left for us. Now Bryan and I get to play Santa for our girls and watch their delight, so it’s like being a kid all over again. One of the best memories I have, that still brings a smile to my face, is the massive soap sud slip and slide dad would make from our pool cover each year. Dad, my sister and I would fly around like vertical trapeze artists until we were red raw, SO MUCH FUN.

Maeve: We used to do the same thing every year so our family holidays were full of tradition. When I was a kid we sang in the church choir so we would go to Christmas Eve mass and I always belted out the “Adeste Fideles” because it was the last one of the mass and you were so excited about going home and getting presents. We would go back home then and our family would share presents with each other, open the box of Quality Street or Roses chocolates with a roaring fire and candles lit in the window. Then generally Christmas Day was mayhem because the turkey took hours to cook and the kitchen got quite crowded. We would spend the day with our presents from Santa and if it was snowing it was even better.

Jake: The year I graduated high school, my family went on a holiday to America. It was my first trip overseas. On Christmas Eve, we went and saw The Lion King musical and then walked through Central Park. On Christmas day, we had lunch at the Rockefeller Centre. It was the best Christmas we had as a family. So much fun.

Ash: On Christmas day we got to go to the New York Knicks vs. LA Lakers Basketball game, it was the best atmosphere and a great way to spend that day.
Ending with a Skype session back home to see all the family, except for my little bro, he was in America with me 🙂

Grace: We always have a very hectic Christmas so for many years we would take a few weeks holidays at Kira on the Gold Coast with friends and relax. We would spend most mornings on the beautiful beach.

Taryn: My favourite Christmas memory is when we went to Kinchant dam with our new family in Australia. We did Secret Santa, went tubing and skiing and had a lovely BBQ. Was a great atmosphere and such a lovely day.