Importance of having a video on your website

There are many techniques that business owners use to promote their website and to increase brand identification. Videos have become one of the most useful tools to communicate with audiences. Video does not just showcase business products but it allows potential customers to experience your company in a more intimate and engaging level. It has become much easier to consume the visual image than to read something. Today’s content must engage its audience, and nothing does that better than video. There are many advantages for having a video on your website.

Businesses which include a video on their website gain a competitive advantage that drives Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and increases brand identification. SEO is the process of improving a website’s natural ranking on a search engine [Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.]. So the higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

Ever since Google integrated video into its universal search offering in 2007, websites featuring video have gained a significant SEO advantage. Other advantages of having a video on your website:

• Seeing the product online can give a stronger message than seeing it in print
• The product can be bought to life
• Use of music, colours and animations can be a key ingredient in your message.

Video can be very versatile in the style, tone, music and content, with a powerful message, iconic images and compelling music.

Having a video on a website used to be a ‘nice to have’, however now in this competitive market, having a video on there is a must. Do you have a video on your website? Contact redhotblue today and we can help you achieve your goals