CREW REVIEW – Best Christmas Holiday Getaways

“Tis the season to be Jolly”

Love, giving, caring, family and friends is a recipe for a great Christmas holiday. Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy company, food and gifts. This week the crew at redhotblue shared their favourite Christmas getaway.

Trudy: My Best Christmas getaway will be this year where we will be getting away to Cape Gloster in between Proserpine & Bowen. We will be having a real Aussie Xmas this year with beach cricket, barbeque, swimming and fishing and waking up and walking out onto the beach each day as this is the first Xmas that my husband has had off in 7 years.

Ellie: My favourite Christmas getaway was when we were younger, and went camping on the beach at Stradbroke Island with three other families. It was beautiful because we were 100m from the ocean.

Ash: The best Christmas getaway I’ve had was spending it in America, we we’re in LA for Christmas – everything about it was great, even the minus degree weather!

Scott: Easy. Switzerland. Stunning mountain setting, 7 feet plus of snow, great skiing, and beautiful country – truly a winter wonderland…

Taryn: My favourite Christmas holiday is when my family and I went back to South Africa in December 2010 to visit our family. We were in Cape Town and we spent the day with our big family with lots and lots of food and in the afternoon we went walking on one of the most amazing beaches.

Bonnie: Has to be a white Christmas with a 30lb turkey, more baked goods then you could ever imagine, a fully stocked bar and my wonderful crazy family, plus a few dogs thrown in!

Grace: Love getting together with all the family. We have a secret Santa each year – so each year, someone dresses up as Santa and hands out the gifts. The kids have so much fun and so do the Adults, they like to give Santa a bit of cheek! We have a great time with lots of laughs. Then the food comes out….

Jody: As a kid, everyone traveled to us for Christmas, so we didn’t head off on holidays at this time of year. However I always remember it being school holidays and the fun we would have from sunrise to sunset. Our backyard hose tied up to our swing set spraying down onto the trampoline, for the ultimate splash. So many inflatable toys in our pool that you couldn’t see the water and all the kids in the neighbourhood playing in our carefully constructed cubby houses created from every conceivable item we could find from the storeroom.
We are very fortunate that both families [ bryan and mine ] live here in Mackay, so Christmas is a time where all the family return. Even as grown ups we still love the sprinkler under the trampoline, but instead of jumping we sip on cocktails : )
For the past few years Bryan, myself and our 2 girls head off on holidays a few days after Christmas. It usually consists of heading to the Gold Coast for a week and then the country side at an amazing farm stay in the Lockyer Valley for another week. The perfect mix.

Maeve: Christmas has always been special for us so staying at home is what we prefer. BUT if I won a free trip to Lapland I wouldn’t say no!

Jake: My favourite Christmas getaway would be with my family in America the year I graduated from school. It was one of the best holidays we had as a family.