Together Everyone Achieves More

Happy new year and welcome back!! After having a fantastic break, we started back this week full of energy, looking forward to what 2014 has to offer and ready to welcome our newest team member Bianca. While we were reviewing photos taken over the past year of the crew, we were reminded again of what an amazing team we have. It is because of their commitment, drive and hard work that we continue to grow and have the opportunity to create award winning work for our clients. This is what we’d like to focus on for the first post of 2014, the importance of building a strong team within your business.

As a creative studio the crew work on individually, but also as part of a team with lots of interaction between departments. It’s through this interaction that the team really shines and some of our most creative, out of the box ideas have been generated. Everyone has their unique strengths and ideas and by working together this can lead to the best results. Being able to participate in brainstorming sessions and working together on projects is an integral part of how redhotblue operates. Having an open door policy makes it easy for everyone to submit ideas and suggestions, encouraging quieter crew to be included in discussions and building their self confidence.

Promoting this type of culture in any business is of utmost importance. If everyone isn’t on the same page and doesn’t buy in, it can become a weakness that grows with potentially serious side effects for both staff and clients. However, when the team works well [as we do], productivity increases and more importantly people are happy and job satisfied. With a boost in employee morale and increased productivity, it makes sense to put the extra time and effort into building a strong team that will help your business succeed.

Here is the crew taking part in a charity pajama fun run in 2013-