Social Media Tips for Business

As social media continues to increase in popularity, there are certain things which companies need to look out for.

You’ve hired your marketing officer, a social media team or handed over the reigns to an intern or the resident Facebook buff.

But what now?
Here are a few tips your social media team should keep in mind:

Know your audience and platform

Essays don’t belong on Instagram. It is all about REAL images – life’s snapshots. Inspirational quotes don’t hurt either. Instagram is personal – connect with your audience through real life moments.
Remember: Links don’t work on instagram posts. Rather include your website link in your bio.

Tumblr loves artsy imagery and supports animated gifs.

Twitter appreciates short, sharp wit and current affairs.

Remember to take advantage of trending topics and #hashtag. This will increase your reach to people who aren’t your followers.

Think about print advertising: an engaging image combined with key messaging. Facebook starts with the image – remember to include a link and call to action in your caption.

Pinterest is all about aspiration and utility. Pinners love to browse and you also have a lot more space for your imagery. So things like infographics (which combine visual imagery, graphics and textual information) are at home on this platform.

Is your strategy outdated?

Once upon a time, we would be watching television, and standard advertising would interrupt and try to sell us something.

While companies are on social media to sell stuff, customers aren’t using social platforms in this way.

 If you want to connect with your customers in this way, you have to be part of their entertainment.

For example – if you’re on Instagram, users are accustomed to seeing beautiful imagery – don’t pollute their visual collage with loud coupons or deals. Instead set your product up in a beautiful place, make it aesthetically pleasing.


Can everyone see your tweets?

A lot of tweets start by tagging another @twitteraccount – the funny thing is, this actually renders your tweets invisible to anymore not following that particular tagged account.

Best to embed your tagged account within your tweeted message – or try this simple work around:

Place a full-stop before the tagged @account so that your tweet is invisible to all your followers.


The key to achieving that social media following is great content.

The most successful brands in the social space put out great content without explicitly making a sales pitch. Make sure your ratio is screwed toward content creating an emotional experience with each customer – not pushing your sales agenda.

What to do when things go wrong?

If you’re like me, you might secretly love to read about when big corporations or celebrities make serious social media blunders. But more importantly, we can look at these examples of ‘social media don’ts’ and learn how to avoid these mistakes ourselves.

Stay tuned for more on social media crisis management.