Marketing Superpowers

As we discovered last week, our customers are more connected, more informed and more empowered than ever before.

If we want to win them over, we have to work pretty hard.

This means mastering the latest technology, consuming and producing massive amounts of data and information so that we can engage and delight our customers with fresh and exciting content, whilst also delivering a product or service that exceeds their expectations – PHEW!

All that seems like an almost impossible task – but luckily marketers are equipped to combine technology and teamwork to generate amazing results for their clients.

A recent piece in the Harvard Business Review* surveyed dozens of Chief Marketing Officers in Silicon Valley about the qualities that define extraordinary marketing – the marketing superpowers!

1.      The ability to hear what no one else can hear
With the advent of the digital revolution, everyone has a voice and can be heard and many marketers have made the change from ‘talking’ to ‘listening’.
By utilising new technology such as social media and web analytics, we can listen to our clients at such a large scale was unimaginable just a few years ago.

2.      Remote fly on the wall
Once again, thanks to social media the number of conversations taking place about companies and products is exploding. A simple tweet on twitter can now become a news headline.
So how do we participate in ALL of these conversations?
We can monitor multiple social media streams and participate with effective targeted communication across the board.

 3.      Leaping tall buildings piles of data in a single bound
Content overload! Digital devices generate A LOT of data: clicks, posts, pins, likes, shares, tweets, stars, snaps…
To analyse all of this information, spreadsheets and reports alone don’t cut it – it takes unique insight and serious thinking to make quick and effective decisions that create truly relevant experiences for a targeted audience.

 4.      Breaking down walls
Within every company there are walls, divisions between departments and with this, communication blind spots and teamwork breakdowns.
One aspect of marketing is about breaking down these walls and building connections between these departments. This way, an integrated approach to business connects everyone in the organisation, sharing ideas and managements solutions and delivering a seamless experience both internally and to the public marketplace.

 5.      Bring out the ‘super’ in others
Marketers recognise the importance of building great teams ­– cultivating a work culture that promotes the strengths of individuals to achieve great outcomes together.

*Source: The Five Superpowers of Marketing, The Harvard Business Review, Dec 2013


In a perfect world, who wouldn’t love a little help from some extra superpowers of their own?
I asked the agency this week what their ultimate superpower would be and got some interesting responses…

Ellie (Digital Designer)
“I want to be a wizard…because the possibilities are just endless, I’d like to  be able to do a lot of little things to make life easier and more fun!”

Ash (Graphic Designer)
“To stop time…”

Scott (Senior Graphic Designer)
“I’d be Spiderman. Done.”

Bonnie (Production & Operations Manager)
“Being able to teleport anywhere – time and money saving travel solution!”

Maeve (Office All-Rounder)
“I would also like to teleport… that and turn trees into money trees, that would be amazing.”

Jody (Managing Director)
“Slow down time…so I can get a lot more done everyday.”

Bianca (Marketing & Communications Officer)
“Some form of animal telepathy, it’d be pretty cool to get that insight to their worlds.”