Improve your Social Media presence with Visual Design

Want to build better online brand recognition?

Do you have a strong visual brand on your social media platforms?

In order to roll out successful visual design elements across your social media platforms, a strong brand is a must. By using consistent visual elements your social media marketing efforts this helps people recognise your updates across all mediums.

Why Visual Branding Is Important

A strong visual brand helps you connect with your community and effectively convey your brand’s personality – it makes you memorable.

Branded banners and other social profile elements should match your product branding.

Good branding doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s look at 4 essential aspects of your visual brand that are easy to create and implement.

#1: Determine your Colour Palette

Does your company have specific colours associated with it? A strong colour palette is a key element of brand recognition.

Both Google and Virgin Mobile are great examples of successful companies using strong and consistent brand colours.

Google‘s primary colour scheme is immediately recognisable and is used in all of the company’s imagery. The colours (red, blue, yellow and green), as well as their images, reflect Google’s playful, innovative culture.


Virgin Mobile does a great job when it comes to presenting its brand uniformly on social media. All social posts adhere to the same colour palette (black and red) and are consistent with the company’s website and other promotional collateral such as store signage, email newsletters and television commercials.


#2: Select Your Brand Fonts

As with your colour palette, your font choice should reflect your brand’s personality. Don’t go crazy. You only need two to three fonts. Any more than that and your audience may be distracted and your message lost.

Using the same font for each post trains their audience to recognise the company’s Facebook updates in the news feed, which in turn encourages more interaction.

Consistent fonts encourage familiarity and reinforce your brand.

#3: Try Photo Filters

Colour palettes and fonts may be things you already have in place, but have you considered adding a consistent look and feel to your photos?

Using the right filter for all or most of your pictures can reinforce your brand’s personality and may even make your posts more recognisable in the news feed.


Using the same photo filter on all your pictures helps your fans recognise your brand.

The first step in picking out your photo filter is to decide which effects work best with your existing design elements (e.g., colour palette and fonts). Think about what kind of message you’d like your images to convey. Are you sunny and bright, cool and urban or colourful and fresh?

Here fashion retailer Zara have use a high contrast and a heavy vignette to achieve this classy black-and-white effect, giving off a sophisticated and a cool urban vibe.


Because all brands are so different, a filter that suits one brand won’t necessarily suit another.

Another fashion brand Tigerlily offers a vintage, whimsical charm in its imagery.


Consider using a filter to bring a consistent look and feel to the photos you share on your social media sites.

#4: Create Consistent Templates

Now that you have your colours, fonts and filters (where appropriate), you want to be sure to use them altogether every time you create new marketing collateral (even if that material is just a Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ post). An easy way to do this is by creating templates.

Oreo is a fantastic example of how templates can be used to great effect on social media.

In 2012, Oreo posted 1 image a day as part of The Daily Twist campaign.

In the image below, Oreo created a specific template for the campaign. Each Facebook post included the brand’s colour palette and font, an Oreo cookie design, the date, a title and a logo.


These consistent elements tied each post together and made the campaign easily recognisable.

Consider creating templates for quotes, announcements, sale products, promotions or competitions. They’ll make it easy for you and your team to quickly create and post timely content. BONUS: They’ll also make it easier for your social media fans to recognise your brand and encourage further engagement.

 In summary:

The key to social media is building a relationship with your audience. You can increase that relationship by promoting familiarity through branding.

By using colours, fonts, filters and templates consistently, your fans and followers will start to recognise your brand and your content will stand out in their news feeds.

Set aside some time to review your company’s online image. If you take away your company’s name, will your followers still know it was your company posting? If not, you can always contact us to look at optimising your online presence!