Print marketing is not dead

You heard that right. Print marketing is here to stay!

As technology continues to move forward, getting more and more advanced – We notice it infiltrating every facet of our everyday lives and it is even changing the way we do business. Many would say that traditional print marketing is being left behind.

In a digital world of social media, online shopping and business by email, it’s easy to forget the value of a tangible piece of well designed communication. Print marketing is far from dead. The majority of businesses still consider a combination of both traditional print media and digital marketing to be most effective in their promotional campaigns as this targets such a wide range of consumers.

The engagement achieved with print marketing is very powerful.  Due to the changing nature of marketing and the shift toward the digital space in consumers lives, print media is often a welcome change – a fresh and unexpected surprise in the sea of eNewsletters and digital pop-ups.

Think about how you feel when you receive a letter in the post. The emotional response is hugely different to that when we receive a text or an email.

This is a piece of marketing communication that your target audience and potential customers can hold, browse at leisure and keep on hand for future reference. When compared to a digital brochure or email, there is something innately valuable about a printed piece of material. |

Print cuts through today’s digital clutter and noise to make a lasting impact.

So don’t discount tradition when it comes to your future marketing activities – there is something to be said for holding on these highly effective and tangible pieces of communication.

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