Crew Review – Our Favourite Places in Mackay

There are numerous little gems in Mackay. The city and region has much to offer with lush rainforests, clean beaches and clear seas. This week in the office, we discussed out favourite parts of our amazing small city.

Going for walks along the river taking in the sunshine and fresh air then finishing off at one of the café’s for a coffee or a cool beverage.

There are so many places in Mackay that I LOVE, all for different reasons! Burp & The Dispensary for amazing food and a fun place to hangout, YogaFix to de-stress and after a class you come out and feel great about yourself and the beach near our place where the puppies get to run off steam and play in the waves.

I love the fact Mackay has the blue Pioneer river so close and it’s such a stunning backdrop. On a sunny day I love walking or sitting by the river on a lunch break. As for in town, nothing better than Friday afternoon drinks in The Dispensary – best way to end a busy week!!

Sometimes you need to take time to find all the hidden gems in Mackay and the surrounding region. I love going to the swimming hole at Calen and Dumbleton Weir is a pretty cool spot if you want some peace. A road trip to Airlie, beautiful local beaches, Cape Hillsborough and a feed at Eimeo Pub are among my favourites too.

My favourite place in Mackay is Bucasia Beach, but I could be bias as I only live 400m away. It’s just a beautiful beach and whenever I’m there I feel like I’m on holiday.

A perfect day in Mackay is driving out to Pinnacle pub for their famous pies. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried one of their pies. On our way back we stop at Mirani golf club and play golf for a couple of hours.

I grew up in Mackay and love that I still have my family and friends nearby and that my children get to enjoy a great environment.  Everything is so close… the beach, parks, school, work, which sure beats sitting in big city traffic. I’m also very proud to be a business owner in this great City

I love spending time with the family and friends I have in Mackay – going for lunch dates with the girls to try out all the new and exciting restaurants around town is always great, along with a drink to two at the local sporting clubs. Then there’s Dolphin heads – which is always a great way to spend a Sunday.