Prime Minister for a Day!



One year; 12 months; 52 weeks; 365 days; 8760 hours, anyway you think of it, that is how long Tony Abbott has been Australia’s Prime Minister. Everyone has their own opinions on what kind of Prime Minister Mr Abbott is but do we really know what makes a good prime minister? So the team at redhotblue were asked, “If you were Prime Minister for a day, what would you do?”

Scott – “If I was prime minister for a day I’d make that day an Australian wide public holiday, give myself instant Australian Citizenship… and buy a Ferrari.”

Kelsey – “If I was prime minister for a day, I would remove state government, so policies such as those in the education sector will be the same in every state. And as a Victorian-born Queenslander, I would also confirm to the nation, that it’s not a ‘potato scallop’, it is in fact a ‘potato cake’.”

Maeve – “If I were prime minister for a day I would go to the Lottery people and demand a fix for the next day’s draw. I would also probably get everyone who has been convicted of abandoning their pets to serve 10years in jail.”

Bonnie – “As prime minister for a day, visiting key points in Australia and meeting the people would be on my to-do list. I would fuel up the VIP jet and travel to all the far flung places in Australia I haven’t been yet – museum visit in Canberra, wine tasting in Western Australia, hike in the Kimberley region and a visit to Uluru for dinner under the stars.”

Kate – “If I was prime minister for a day, I would lift the protection law on snakes preventing people killing a snake and allow pet rabbits in Queensland. I would then take the private jet on a trip to the Bahamas and enjoy the luxury of having the prime minister pension for the rest of my life after being sworn in for a day.”