Chef: a movie about more than food


In the past month, a movie that has caught our attention is Chef, not only for its fun and loving characters but underneath a somewhat subliminal message of the effects of social media. Chef is a story about Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman) and he is left to figure out what’s next. Finding himself in Miami, he teams up with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), his friend (John Leguizamo) and his son to launch a food truck. Taking to the road, Chef Carl goes back to his roots to reignite his passion for the kitchen — and zest for life and love (Rotten Tomatoes, 2014).

The social media presence was strong from the beginning of the movie with a renowned food critic reviewing Chef Carl on his highly popular food blog, which was then further re-tweeted on the social media platform Twitter, to become a trending topic overnight. Unaware of what Twitter is, Chef Carl is brought up to speed by his ten year old son Percy, who sets him up with his own Twitter account. The power of Twitter/social media is truly shown after Carl’s replies to the famous food critic goes viral overnight with thousands of re-tweets sparking an online feud.

Throughout the movie not only is the power of social media shown but also the role technology plays in our everyday lives. The first thing Percy does after waking in the morning is jump online through his tablet to check social media.

The second half of the movie shows how the power of social media can be used in a positive way for a business. After starting up his own food truck and deciding to drive it across the country back to Los Angeles, it is his son who finds ways to promote the food truck through social media websites. The food truck fast becomes a success in the cities along the way.

Aside from the social media references throughout, this movie is a feel good watch that received positive reviews however it is not one to watch on an empty stomach!