To Blog or Not to Blog?


To Blog or Not to Blog?

I was recently asked by our Digital Communications Officer to be a guest blogger quarterly for redhotblue’s weekly blogs. As someone who endeavours to embrace all new challenges, I accepted the task at hand, however with some hesitation. This was not due to a resistance in wanting to participate [ I love to express my thoughts and am often found sharing nuggets of advice or perspectives with an array of people ] but in fact the volume of commitments I already have on my over sized plate, like most business owners. So here I am at the 11th hour – deadline looming at 8am tomorrow, channeling all the ideas and thoughts I’ve had over the past 2 months [ yes, plenty of time I know ].

While I am someone that performs best under pressure…what do you mean we can’t pull off an entire themed photo shoot on location with props in the space of a day, while holding the printers at bay to get the job on the press and printed before noon the following day. Anything is possible, yet somehow the look from my Production and Operations Manager seems to be presenting a very different outlook – possibly a realistic one. Perspective is an interesting topic and not just in the sense of an artistic view, but the very fact one idea can be perceived by a variety of people from very different angles.

We were fortunate to recently spend time with a Brain Prism Map expert [ and before you wonder, no, it wasn’t a session of looking at crystals and holding hands in a circle ] but instead a process that analyses individuals natural processes and thinking patterns in work and non work related environments, along with the skill set most suited for specific roles within a company.

Not surprisingly, my map showed a reduced level of colour in the analytical and data processing style sectors – yet when it came to creativity, innovation and people interaction, those areas shone.

I think it goes without saying that running a creative agency it certainly helps to come from a creative background, however as I have learnt over the years in order to be successful in business that alone is not enough.

My business Mentor taught me the art of delegation over 10 years ago. I learnt that while you may think you are clever being able to wear many hats in the work environment you end up spending more time changing costumes than you do working on the areas that best suit your own skills. Allowing team members do what they excel at, not only makes for a more effective work flow, it also empowers them to feel more connected to the business. It’s also about understanding the variety of colours, “people”, that make up your business and recognising not everyone is going to perform the same task, the same way. Supporting diversity, while working towards the desired outcome can at times be tricky.

I believe it’s important to have a balance between the right amount of systems and procedures, while allowing a work environment and it’s people to have a sense of opportunity, spontaneity and confidence to be original.

My motto has always been “ create without limitations” and 17 years on in business I support this view for my team and my clients.

It’s all too easy to conform to the normal and stay with the tried and tested. But what if challenging yourself, pushing the boundaries and discovering a new way, actually results in the best decision you ever made… if it isn’t, then you learn and grow wiser, but regardless you gain insight along the way.

This week I have the privilege of speaking with 2 other presenters at YP [ young professionals ] networking evening. The topic is on personal brand and why it’s so important. For me, I have always been the zany one of the group – in school, college, the family and amongst friends, nothing has ever been too left field for me.

My 2 young daughters are now learning what I like to refer to as “the art of confidence” as they embrace their Mum walking them into school dressed in costumes in support of various charities redhotblue acknowledges each month. The best one [ or worst depending on that perspective taking idea ] was the super hero day for Muscular Dystrophy …. A red cape, black tights and yep jocks on the outside… need I say more.

In the words of Dr Seuss – why fit in when you were born to stand out.

Until next time, challenge the status quo when the next opportunity arises, be original every chance you have and support and value the variety of perspectives from those around you.

Jody : )