So, you’ve got a marketing plan … now what?


You’ve just spent time and money in developing the perfect marketing plan to help grow your business. But what do you do next and how do you make sure your plan gets you the Return On Investment (ROI) you want?

Executing your plan
The key role a marketing plan plays in your business is to guide you in your activities. More importantly, it is also used to make sure you don’t waste any time or money in missing the opportunities out there.

By following your plan you are setting your business up for success no matter what your objectives may be.

Keep it up to date

A marketing plan isn’t just developed and thrown in your bottom drawer never to be seen again. Instead, it’s to be used as a guide that you update and review regularly.

As your business grows and changes you update your marketing plan to ensure it is still timely and relevant. This will make sure your business is constantly improving and your plan becomes reality.

Sometimes you need to take a step back from your marketing and ask yourself is the plan working? Reviewing your marketing plan often makes sure you are reaching your identified objectives and staying on budget.

By looking at your planning and execution this allows you to catch any issues or overspends before they get out of control.


Figuring out what has worked and what hasn’t in your marketing activities will help you look towards the future and continue growing your business. There are many ways to determine this as it is solely based on your objectives established in the plan.


Many business owners see a marketing plan as a lot of wasted time on researching and commitment they can’t spare. However, the development of your marketing plan is actually a really valuable process that will contribute to your businesses success.

One of the benefits associated with having a marketing plan include regaining control of your business. By allocating resources and budget to projects you are able to see where your money is actually being spent, giving you financial control over your marketing. Plus, an actual plan will work towards keeping you, and your staff, on track with activities. While there are times when marketing opportunities arise when you least expect them to, planning out your activities in advance is the most effective way to ensure marketing success.

But don’t neglect the execution stages because following and constantly updating your plan is just as important in making sure you are well on your way to marketing success!