Creative strategy for connecting with your customers

This week we are going to build on our last blog post which highlighted the importance of developing customer focused brand relationships with your customers, have a read here if you missed it: In this post we are going to share some examples of creative strategies that have been used to effectively achieve those goals.

Developing deeper relationships with you customers can be as simple as finding a way to show your customers your expertise in the area of business you operate in. Just for Pets, an Australian pet product retailer was facing closures due to the aggressive competitor activity in 2013. They devised a program to offer a free fifteen-minute 6-point pet health check for their customers. This doesn’t sound like much, but it changed drastically how their customers perceived them. This initiative communicated their expertise and their value as a friendly source of information and service. Just for Pets were no longer just selling products but providing valuable information and education. Turnover lifted 575% within a two year period, due to developing a creative idea to provide value to their customers. The campaign won marketing awards beating out huge competition such as Coca-Cola, IBM and K-mart with their multi-million marketing budgets.

I know from personal experience locally in Mackay, Battery Pro has gone above and beyond for me twice. First they spent more than an hour fixing a dodgy RACQ battery installation for free. More recently when my old battery carked it on a weekend afternoon, they offered to stay open after their usual closing time so I could make it in.  Putting a focus on placing the customer front and centre like they did means that I will probably not go anywhere else for battery’s now, even they were more expensive than the competition.

Developing a creative strategy to connect with your customers does not have to be expensive, just about developing effective ways to provide and communicate your unique value. Marketing can play a vital role in communicating this value and remember it’s not how much you spend it’s about making your marketing spend work harder for you.