Have digital channels replaced traditional marketing strategy?

These days when you read about marketing, social media and digital channels seem to dominate the focus of conversation. There is not often discussion about how these channels fit in the broader picture of marketing strategy. This role of the new digital channels can sometimes be somewhat overhyped and overstated, leading to business owners becoming obsessed or frustrated with social media when it doesn’t achieve the results they were promised.

Let’s have a look at reality, in 2016 social media is anticipated to command less than 10% of the total global marketing spend. If advertising on social media were more effective, you would see a much higher spend and investment from the multinationals, we just don’t see that yet.

The old school marketing channels of Radio and TV still blow social media out of the water in terms of reach and engagement. Ads on television are shown to be 600% more likely to gain social interaction than those encountered on social media.

There is no doubt that all the various digital platforms that have emerged over the last two decades have reshaped the world of marketing, but they have not changed the basic principles of marketing strategy one bit.

It’s important not to place too much focus on the new platforms and dismiss the proven and tested ways of doing things. These “old school” marketing techniques can still play an integral role in the success of a business, they have been tried, tested and are proven to be powerful tools for getting your message out there. There is still a very important place for low-tech marketing strategies such as signage, sandwich boards, brochures, and advertising on traditional media.

We’re not saying that digital channels are pointless, but that a successful marketing strategy needs to have a balanced mix of both digital and traditional methods. Placing an exclusive focus on either will prove to be detrimental for your business in the long term.

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