Facebook Advertising: The Rundown

What’s the difference between the different advertising types on Facebook? Are you confused by Facebook’s many options? We’re here to help…

If you’re in business, you may be aware of how valuable the social media platform can be as well as how frustrating. Due to the competitive nature of Facebook news feeds, your posts may only reach a small portion of your followers. If you need your message to be seen by more people, Facebook offers a range of advertising options to help increase your reach such as boosting and promoting.

What is a boosted post?

If you post any public post to your page, there is an option to boost the post. Boosting a post is the simplest way to get more people to see your post, which will be seen on desktop and mobile news feeds. There is an option to choose how much to spend and based on your audience and options chosen an estimated reach is given. Boosting is available for any post on your timeline and you can choose from three key audiences:

• People who like your page

• People who like your page and their friends

• A specific targeted audience; you can select a specific segment of people to reach, as well as their location, age, gender and interests

When to boost a post

Boosting a post is most effective at driving engagement. Engagement is defined as people interacting with your post through likes, shares and comments. We recommend that if you decide to boost that the targeting options be utilised to more accurately reach people who may be interested in your products or services. Remember that boosting to friends of your followers may not reach people who may be interested in your products, but instead reach their families and extended friends who have different interests.

Promoted Posts

If you are trying to hit a specific target or goal with your advertising, using Facebook’s ad manager to create a promoted post provides a more tailored solution. In comparison to boosted posts, promoted posts allow a selection of more specific objectives and call to action buttons which can link directly to external locations. Promoted posts can be posted in different formats and can appear in news feeds, in the right column and on other platforms such as Instagram. Promoted posts also have the option to be “Dark Posts”, meaning you can choose whether your ad’s will or won’t show up on your wall. This allows you to run multiple concurrent ads to different audiences and maintain a nice clean wall.

When to Promote a Post

Use a promoted post when you would like to achieve a more specific goal, such as gaining clicks to your website, increasing newsletter signups, gaining leads, or showcasing products.

Which is the best option for you?

Firstly define what you would like to achieve before you advertise, the best option is quite often going to depend on your current marketing objectives and business goals. For example, if you simply would like more engagement with your Facebook page, boosting may be the best option. If you are having a sale on your website or want people to engage with content external to Facebook, promoting may be better.

Facebook should never be the only form of advertising that you use to promote your business; it should always be integrated and used alongside other marketing efforts.

We hope this has given you a bit of a basic rundown on Facebook advertising. Does it still seem too complicated? We offer a broad range of marketing and advertising services to help you grow your business, get in touch with us today.