Marketing & Digital Strategy? Wait… What’s the Difference?

Marketing and Digital strategy? Wait… What’s the difference?

Does your organisation have a digital strategy? A question that is often bounced around improperly throughout digital agencies and wrongly perceived.

Why would an organisation have a strategy for a channel? It doesn’t, it has a marketing plan. A marketing strategy guides and achieves the desired objects of an organisation’s market. Channels are a process in an overall market strategy where each channel is communicated with a plan. Why would any organisation have a strategy for just one channel? It shouldn’t and would be extra costs for the long-term goals of any organisation if it did.

Investing in a marketing strategy is fundamental for any organisation. A marketing strategy specialises in the process of an organisations vision, goals, opportunities and related activities to maximise these benefits.

In simple terms… long-term business planning – also known as a marketing plan.

A plan that not only incorporates the above but also the digital processes for each channel an organisation may communicate through. The benefits of these digital initiatives are analysed through the over-arching marketing plan. The right digital channels should suit the organisation’s needs and purpose within the encompassing marketing plan.

It is simple for industry specialists who know the difference, however through the marketing landscape the message can be clouded leaving organisations misinformed with extra expenses and empty pockets. Getting it right from the beginning will not only save your organisation’s future marketing budget, your organisation will be strategically planned for a prosperous future.

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