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Marketing Messages Have a Deeper Meaning



Are your marketing messages being portrayed in the way you had hoped?

There are always messages that may get lost in translation or messages that are so intriguing they create plenty of buzz and then there are messages that are taken way too literal.

Over the past week, there have been a few marketing messages that have created discussions amongst the redhotblue office. And really… isn’t that what marketing messages aim to achieve?

The first was an example of a marketing message that was taken way too literal. In the US, a consumer of Red Bull sued the energy drink company as they did not receive wings or enhanced skills after consumption of the energy drink. The company has come to a settlement of $13million and to refund $10 to each US Red Bull drinker applying for compensation.

The other marketing message that got us talking and a little confused was Ergon’s safety campaign featuring the Grim Llama. The safety messages are to alert people to think ahead around electricity without having to use a horrific scare tactic which may cause people to switch off. While we understood the grim reaper aspect of the message, it was the use of a llama that got us talking. Why a llama? Well apparently, aside from the fact they are funny and cute, llamas are natural sentinels and used by sheep farmers to warn flocks of danger. Add in the deep stare of the Llama, how could you not be warned off?

Marketing messages are always going to get people talking and if done right they will be a positive influence on your marketing.