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Media Placement and Bookings

Q: Where is YOUR audience?

Knowing your ideal customer will help you choose the most effective media for your business. There’s no point signing up for a low priced media package if it doesn’t reach your target market. Redhotblue are experienced in the right placement for different audiences, and can manage the booking process for you.


Media Releases

Q: Is YOUR business newsworthy?

Local and industry relevant media outlets are always on the lookout for a good story, and you could be sitting on one! Often when we are working inside our business, it can be easy to take what you do for granted. It could be your everyday work, a new development for the company, a standout event or a special project that you’ve been a part of – potential news stories are everywhere!

Redhotblue have a newsworthy nose – we can sniff out a story, draft your media release and send it to the right contacts to get your business positive exposure. Our service also includes follow ups and media monitoring, to ensure you are fully across any coverage received online and offline.



Q: How many people are YOU looking to reach?

Television advertising provides a strong marketing platform. Moving image is extremely effective in communicating messaging to a targeted audience. Using up to date demographic surveys, we look at getting your business maximum exposure by presenting the right message to the right target audience at the right time.

With award-winning TVC concepts and production, redhotblue are known for developing unique ads using a variety of traditional and modern techniques. Put this together with the television’s reach, and your business will be receiving high impact visibility.


Q: Should YOU still be advertising in print media?

Print is not dead! Depending on your target audience and your message, print can still be a hugely powerful advertising tool. Aligning yourself with a trusted, tangible publication can carry a lot of weight with a potential consumer – and a visually stand out print ad design coupled with a strong marketing message can be an effective means of reaching your target in a dependable, solid format.




Q: How do YOU maintain a consistent presence?

Integrated with other advertising media, radio is a great avenue for ongoing brand awareness. Turn the frequency up, and you can also ramp up exposure for a specific campaign or upcoming event. Our focus with radio advertising is to put together an ad that will have cut through and a direct call to action, keeping your message short and sweet.