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Site Mapping and Wireframes

Q: What do YOUR visitors want to know?

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence, and one of the most important objectives for any website is to give current and prospective clients the information they are looking for.

Planning out your site map and content involves:

  • Setting goals for your website
  • Determining what information your clients will want from your site
  • Highlighting important points that will give you a competitive edge
  • Laying out a logical flow in the information to be presented
  • Noting all text and image resources available

Taking the time to plan the foundation of your website is the right start to ensuring your site visitors receive the best user experience possible.


Website Design and Construction

Q: What should the design say about YOUR business?

A website is often the first point of contact with a potential client, and an ongoing resource for current clients. Your website needs to reflect your business’s core values, while being consistent with your branding and appealing to view.

Redhotblue will create a clear picture of the experience your visitor will have, and what features will enhance that experience.

Your website features could include:

• eNewsletter sign on
• Internal and external links
• Resources such as calculators, downloadable documents
• Social media sharing and RSS feed
• Job application submissions
• Contact and quote forms
• Image gallery and videos
• Multi-lingual capabilities
• Internal keyword search
• eCommerce platform
• Members/Staff login
• Events calendar


Mobile Optimised

Q: How does YOUR website look on a smartphone?

The amount of internet traffic coming from mobile and tablet device is growing every month.

The mobile internet user should be considered in your website designs as well.

A mobile-friendly version of your site can be as easy as a single page that provides a quick company overview and location/contact information, with a link to viewing the complete site. This simple inclusion will ensure that your mobile visitors are also receiving a great user experience from your website.

Consider how often you access the internet via your phone. How many customers are going elsewhere due to your site not being mobile friendly or tablet enabled?



Content Management System (CMS)

Q: How will you keep YOUR website up to date?

A CMS puts control of your website in your hands. To ensure that your website stays relevant and competitive, content needs to be updated on a regular basis – in turn benefiting your visitors and your search engine rankings.

This is the most cost effective method for updating text and images within your website, and can even be set up for adding and removing pages. Our CMS is easy to use and we provide training as part of your website handover.



eCommerce Sites

Q: Would YOUR business benefit from an online shop?

You can be open 24 hours a days a week, 7 days a week and there’s no waiting with an eCommerce site. A growing number of consumers are enjoying the flexibility of being able to purchase from their favourite stores whenever they choose, without having to leave home.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Q: Where is YOUR website on Google?

Getting to the first page on Google and staying there, is an ongoing process. There are always new websites being added, and established sites being updated. SEO is one of the best tools you can utilise to enhance your website’s natural ranking on search engines.

SEO can involve:

• Google indexing
• Relevant keywords included on the page and behind the scenes
• Optimised content structure
• Social media sharing
• Local directory listings
• Regular content updating and curated blog posts
• Building one way links to your site

If you already have a website, redhotblue can perform a website audit to identify your site’s key SEO issues and any other applicable recommendations to enhance your website.


Paid Website Traffic

Q: How will YOUR website get an edge on the competition fast?

The web is a very competitive marketplace, and paid advertising can be a great method for driving traffic to your website over someone else’s.

Paid advertising can be done through:

• Google AdWords [Google’s own paid advertising system]
• Social media ads [such as LinkedIn or Facebook]
• Media websites [such as the Daily Mercury site]

Online advertising needs to be very strategic in both the placement of ads and the message you want to get across. Having a set goal and plan for how to achieve that goal will ensure you’re getting value for money.



Web Analytics

Q: Where do most of YOUR website visitors come from?

Tracking your website’s performance is critical in ensuring your investment is working for you. Regular web analytics reporting will keep you informed on how your website is performing, what areas need attention and recurring visitor trends.

You will know:

• Where your visitors are coming from
• What devices are being used to access your site
• What visitors are doing on your website and how long they stay
• How individual pages are performing
• What areas of your business receive the most attention
• What your enquiry conversion rate is

Redhotblue is Google certified to interpret and analyse data from Google Analytics, a key component in your overall web analytics information. We can gauge your site’s health and our reports include professional recommendations for improvement as well as educational information, so that you can develop a greater understanding of the online market and what’s possible.

This can be an ongoing service to ensure information is always relevant.


Strategies and Policies

Q: Does YOUR business have a social media policy in place?

Anyone can be on social media, but it’s how you use it that matters. Having a social media strategy in place, ensures that you are maximising the opportunity of social media for your business.

It also means ensuring that your staff maintains their level of professionalism inside and outside of work across their own social media profiles. Just like workplace health and safety, social media usage needs to have a policy that all staff are aware of and understand.

Redhotblue can compile both social media strategies and policies that are comprehensive and a reflection of your organisation.


Set Up and Optimisation

Q: What little tricks can improve YOUR social media profile?

Choosing the best options for your social media profile and optimising all the features available ensures that your online profile has a head start. There are often multiple ways that a social media profile can be set up, with some networks even penalising or cancelling your account for incorrect usage.

Redhotblue are committed to continuously staying up to date with the latest rules, options and features on all major social networks and digital platforms.


Online Campaign Strategy

Q: Does YOUR social media activity need a boost?

Social media platforms and trends are changing constantly, and staying up to date and responsive with what’s happening can create real opportunities for your business. If you feel that your social media practices are getting a little stale, or you have a new goal that you want to work towards – redhotblue can help put together a cutting edge campaign strategy to give your online presence a boost.



Q: Are YOU ready to be in control?

Professional design, content and setup will put you in the right position for social media to be a successful component of your overall marketing strategy. However, the most effective social media profiles are ones that are driven by the company themselves. No one knows your products, services and customers the way that you do.

At redhotblue, we provide one-on-one or group training sessions and masterclasses to get you skilled up so that you can be the one in control. Of course refresher sessions and revised strategies are always available, but we aim to give you the tools to empower you to be the one who is in control of your social media success.