This month marks 30 years since the establishment of CanTeen, a national charity developed to help young people living with cancer. As redhotblue is a long-term supporter of this organisation (and many others), we thought this milestone would be a great opportunity to go over how supporting a charity can actually boost your business.
The most obvious reason why your business should start supporting a charity is because it gives you the opportunity to get involved and give back to your community. Giving can be extremely beneficial for your business and research shows it can actually boost company morale by bringing employees together to support something separate from the office. As individuals, giving to a charity makes us feel good, therefore making us more socially aware. Helping a common cause encourages colleagues to team up and work together to help those in need. An easy team bonding experience!

Putting aside the internal benefits, charities are also a great way to not only raise awareness about a specific cause but also promote your business. Posting your support on social media platforms and your website will promote your company in a positive light. It can also be used to generate press for your business and the cause you are working for. Further opportunities also exist for cross-promotion on the charities website/social media, extending your reach and connecting with community members on a different platform.

If your company decides to sponsor a non profit group like a sports club or team, there is often potential for huge exposure at games, on kits, signage, programs etc as well as being top of mind for a lot of parents who’s kids are involved

Finally, there are also tax benefits associated with monetary support to a charity. If your donation exceeds the amount of $2 you can actually claim it as a tax deduction at the End of Financial Year. However, keep in mind you can only claim a tax deduction on organisations that have the status of deductable gift recipients (DGRs). For gifts of property, there are different rules, depending on the type of property and its value. For more information on claiming gifts and donations visit www.ato.gov.au


If you would like to start supporting CanTeen as a business visit http://www.canteen.org.au/ and find out how you can help.