noun, informal

  1. A photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website


On Instagram the hashtag ‘selfie’ has more than 300 million posts, with the popularity of the selfie not showing any signs of slowing down.  (If you are not sure what a hashtag is, take a look at our blog here). So how can your business leverage off the interest surrounding the selfie?

Social media is all about sharing and engaging so by introducing a good selfie campaign you are encouraging people to have fun with your brand, while building ongoing conversation about your campaign.

In most cases, selfie-driven campaigns are easily executed and minimal on costs.  Unlike other marketing campaigns, it doesn’t consume much time in planning and research in advance as the key to a successful selfie campaign is in the topic and right timing. Think first about what you want to achieve. Do you want people to visit your business location? Do you want them to photograph themselves with your product? Do you want to create an overall marketing campaign with the selfies as a specific element of that and if so, what part will it play towards your campaign?

Incorporating selfies into a competition can be a great way to drum up business and get your brand out there. If you are running a competition on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to follow the platform’s guidelines.


Key points to a successful selfie-driven campaign

Understanding & Strategy – like any marketing campaign the first step is to understand your audience. Once you have a full understanding of your audience’s interests and desires you can then develop a strategy behind the campaign.

Simplicity – keeping the campaign as simple as snapping a selfie, loading to social media and hashtagging is an effective way to increase participation.

Hashtag – develop a relevant hashtag that relates directly to your business and campaign.

The redhotblue team have recently tapped into their wild side with the ‘Let Out Your Animal Instincts’ selfie signage teasers currently running. The crew have created a 10m long mesh banner full of colourful characters. The signage will be located at the 2015 Mackay Airport Beach Horse Race Day near the entrance to the Quarter Deck. The signage encourages attendees to snap a selfie in front of the signage, load to social media and #redhotblue. If you are there make sure to visit and take part!