Blogs – the web is littered with them, and they can’t all be as good as the redhotblue one! Check out which blogs the redhotblue crew are rating at the moment.

Bonnie: – I check Mumbrella weekly at the least. It is the best source of information for marketing news, and always has the most up to date new campaigns. It has good case studies and contributions from industry leaders.

Jade: – I subscribe to this marketing blog via email and it’s one of my favourites. The majority of posts are of interest to me, there’s a good range of content, an occasional relevant infographic and the posts are written by a number of different people in the team so there’s a lot of variety.

Sascha: – I regularly check this web design blog because they are right on top of trends and have lots of guest authors – usually leaders within the web design/development industry. It’s one of those blogs that other bloggers go to, to steal ideas or come up with ideas for their own blogs. Also their articles tend to be very relevant to everyday issues in web design and their topics aren’t as mainstream some other blogs.

B2: – I regularly visit the creative blog The Monkey Barrel, described as “a road stop filled with all the stuff that inspires us”. This blog was created by the award-winning advertising agency, The Monkeys, and includes videos, links and samples of some of the most inspirational modern artists of our time. Some posts are simply a fun and entertaining way to spend a Friday afternoon. It is regularly updated and mostly videos and links to photo galleries. This blog keeps me up to date with current trends, while also giving a snapshot of what inspires some of the greatest designers in Australia.

Ash: – I Waste So Much Time is a collection of funny or interesting junk that people find online throughout the [work] day. It was created to share what we like about the world. The name pretty much says it all. Keeps me entertained and sometimes even educated!

Adam: – A guide to geek culture which comes from a female perspective. Being a nerd, we spend most of our time with other males, so it’s nice to see a different perspective.

Maeve: – I have always followed this blog because of its on-trend news from the digital and social media world. I subscribe to their email updates as it lets me keep in touch with what’s going on at home as well as some light hearted entertainment from around the globe. It also has a quirky side with new products, lots of infographics, clever advertising campaigns and just random bits of news. Even though it’s not really a blog, I also love

Amy: – Loving this blog as it is up to date about recent campaigns and the goings on of businesses. Lots of fun and interesting campaigns with background info on the idea behind it, which is what I’m all about!