Developing a concept for your marketing is key and can be the difference between a run of mill advertisement and effective campaigns that engage with customers. So why do so many businesses neglect the development of a strong concept in their marketing campaigns?

The idea of a campaign is simple; identify the key points that need to be addressed, your company unique selling propositions (USP), your target market, tone of voice for the campaign and what result you want from it (i.e brand awareness, drive traffic to the website, sell products or a specific product etc). However, the key to a successful campaign is a concept. Developing a concept sounds easy enough to do but packaging all the information and delivering it in a unique and clear message visually can be a very detailed and lengthy process.

A good concept is far more than simply saying ‘we are the best/cheapest/most convenient’. This type of messaging tells the customer nothing more than every other Company out there. The base concept should be simple, regardless of how complicated or advanced or in-depth the product/business is, however the key is to create a single, clear message that will engage the viewer…Concept is king.

Companies can easily waste thousands of dollars on advertising that has no cut through and will result in no real shift from before advertising. It is one of the most common mistakes; just advertising for the sake of it is a complete waste of money.

Developing an overall concept in your marketing is essential in sending a consistent message to your target audience, which also creates a powerful brand. Consistency is key in marketing because it helps build your brand but the concept needs to have depth and flexibility to be able to be applied to a variety of ads, possibly selling completely different services/products but with the same message and tone of voice.

The danger of using an idea that is not thought through and too simple in its concept is it will fall flat once creating a second ad, people will get bored or think they’ve already seen the ad because there is not enough depth in the message. Simple does not mean ‘basic’ or obvious, it means clear, unique to the company and direct in its messaging.

So what are some examples of great marketing concepts?? Lego are well known for their effective and consistent marketing concept. One particular campaign focuses on the idea that Lego is a bi-product of imagination and it can be made into anything with the use of imagination. Lego could have easily listed the many products they have but instead they did this… [refer to images] Simple, clear, instantly understandable and identifies their USP with no question.



Proper branding is crucial in competitive markets and if done properly can actually result in increased customer loyalty and higher sales. Branding is the absolute foundation to the personality of the brand. This will in turn filter to the tone of voice and type of advertising campaign you produce; through to the corporate communications you create. Without a clearly identified brand personality anything you produce will fade into the background of all other competitors out there.

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